Friday, May 25, 2018
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A Little About Myself….

I am an NLP Master Practitioner and Angelic Reiki Healer and during my training in hypnosis, I was blessed to have suddenly and unknowingly opened up a door in my mind which allowed me, for the first time in my life, to be able to see, hear and feel things which I was never able to before. So although I know I was quite intuitive prior to my training and was never closed minded about such things, I was not actually (or consciously) wanting to go down that route! However, as things stand, this is now what I am blessed to be able to do and feel privliedged each and every day because of it.

This is why I believe that we are ALL equipped with what we need to be able to do what I am doing. My belief is if that secret door suddenly opened up for me then that secret door can be opened up for EVERYONE! You too can communicate with animals and people and you don’t have to have come from a long line of family members who were “psychic”!

In some parts, it’s simple telepathy which is the most basic form of communication, an ability we are ALL born with.

This is something that mankind has had the power to do through the ages, however, with the grind of daily living and the struggles that each of us face in our daily lives, we have somehow lost the ability to tune in to our inner selves and thus have lost the power of this remarkable God-given gift that is naturally within us.

We all know and it’s been well documented that we only use between 4%-8% of our brain (there are some of us who use even less!!!). What’s happening with the rest of the grey matter!?

The rest of our brain must be there for something! Personally, I feel the remainder of our mind power is there for a reason and I believe that reason is more on a spiritual level.

Telepathy is similar to a muscle that has not been used for a long time…it becomes rusty and weak. Given proper training and practice, we all have the ability to communicate telepathically with all species.

Distance becomes irrelevant as thoughts are not restricted by time and space. This is why many of my clients are those I have never even met!

I believe also that I am massively helped by my spirit guides who are conveying feelings, thoughts and any physical discomfort that the animal or person may be feeling through to me in a way that I will understand.

I truly feel blessed that I am able to do what I do and help others to open up this remarkable ability to tuning in with every living creature on this earth. (Don’t fall off your chair when I tell you this but it is also possible to tune in with those who have passed to the other side). I’ve had first hand experience in tuning in with souls that are no longer with us. Check out my other pages!

I get asked often about how and when all of this started for me so I thought I would take a little space here on my site and explain, from my own perspective of what I think happened and how it all started for me.

I’m not here to tell you that I come from a long line of family members who have this ability from generations ago (though I know that this is an ability that we are gifted with since birth). Nor do I claim to know exactly how all of this works. All I do know is that I’ve been told I’m extremely accurate in what I do and am able to excite people (and sometimes make them come down to earth with some home truths) with the things I have been able to find out about them, the people around them and circumstances in their lives.

Lala, though overweight, refuses to be put on a diet preferring instead to “live for today…”

Lemieuxe, extremely high maintenance and always demanding attention…

Minnie, the cat who thinks she’s a dog … wanted to be called Spike (she didn’t get her way…)

The spirit is what guides my life, and I’m humbly on my knees in thanks for guidance and direction every day. But God is not something to be preached, it’s something to be lived ~ Ben Harper